Challenging the Status Quo of BI

Businesses are full of data and dashboards,
yet very little of it is creating value. Why are so few realizing the promise of BI?

Envisioning a True Data Culture

The real promise of Business Intelligence (BI) lies in its ability to predict the future and make winning decisions. To improve business outcomes. To realize this potential, a paradigm shift is needed.


We need to transform our vision of BI from a mere toolset to a foundational pillar of strategic decision-making within organizations.


The traditional view of BI as a one-time implementation project or a responsibility relegated to IT is outdated. BI should be embraced as an essential department, integral to the strategic operations of a company, and a significant factor in change management.


And we feel quite a sense of urgency.

The Intelligence Revolution is going mainstream

The world of Supply Chain is in the middle of a massive change, most refer to as the Intelligence Revolution going mainstream. Those who understand its success will not be technology-driven but culture-driven, will thrive.


This shift results from 20 years of rapid maturation of the digital transformation and the vast amounts of data companies are now accumulating. Organizations find themselves at a crossroads: those who seize this opportunity now to leverage their data will be able to navigate emerging megatrends such as the demogahical shifts and labour shortages and the rapidly consecutive crises from pandemics and wars to the effects of global warming.


This era of unprecedented complexity demands agility and foresight—qualities that are inextricably linked to the adoption of a data-driven culture.

Cultivating Executive Sponsorship and Cross-Departmental Collaboration

True transformation in BI requires robust executive sponsorship.


Leaders drive BI initiatives, from arbitrating and leading efforts across multiple departments to envisioning a future where Business Intellignce empower better decision-making.


The focus is moving beyond traditional reporting and investing in a shared vision across the organization, aligning with organizational goals.

Building Trust in Data

The journey towards a true data culture must begin with establishing trust in the data. Early missteps in the era of BI have led to a fragmented approach to reporting, resembling a Tower of Babel.


Strategies for regaining trust in data start with small, focused initiatives that emphasize data quality and the value it brings to the business, and then gradually expand to broader organizational adoption.

Championing Change Through Data Heroes

Implementing a strategic data culture is as much about change management as it is about technology. Identifying and empowering Data Heroes within the organization is an important part of this shift.


These champions are passionate about data and its use for improving business outcomes and inspire others to move away from outdated practices and embrace this new way of working.

Achieving Success with a Dynamic BI Function

A dynamic BI function is key to supporting the organic growth and strategic direction of a business.


This iterative process of building, adopting, and refining BI practices truly serves the organization's goals. Success stories of improved efficiency and engagement in meetings exemplify what can be achieved with a living, breathing BI department.

Building a high performing BI Team

As this new function grows and delivers, don’t let it wither: a strong data culture & BI platform flourishes with a dynamic approach to talent. Staffing the BI team completely in-house is not the right fit, nor should it be completely outsourced.


Keep the internal management and reporting roles close, but when it comes to data strategy, solutions architecture and data engineering, Know Thyself.

Realizing the True Promise of BI

Only when this transformation is led in this order, the true promise of BI come true.


We don’t just believe in the possibility of this future; we see it as the inevitable outcome for organizations willing to undertake the journey. The path to the true promise of BI is clear. It beckons those ready to transform not just their data practices, but their entire approach to business strategy.


This is the essence of a data-driven culture, and it is within reach.

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