Customer Services Dashboard: Faster handling times, better solutions and a higher CSAT

The board of a medium-sized SaaS company wanted to monitor whether the costs of customer services were in line with turnover. Customer services generated a large amount of data in the productivity of employees, the handling of tickets (open/closed), the handling times, the type of support questions and the customer satisfaction score (CSAT). Actual insight into the data was missing. There were only a few static Excel sheets.

Within 6 weeks, we developed the dashboard below in Power BI. From unlocking data to dashboarding and analysis.

Live Power BI Dashboard

This live version is an anonymised dashboard with random data and our own house style.

KPI dashboard customer services

The KPI Dashboard contains the three most important elements: The number of tickets, the handling time, and the CSAT score. This means the MT can see instantly how the support department is performing.

Tickets and CSAT dashboard

The Ticket and CSAT report shows the details of the status of the tickets and CSAT. This facilitates effective management on the targets, customer satisfaction, and capacity.

The ticket report shows how many tickets are open, how long ago they were created and the phase they are in. It looks like 144 bugs have been open for more than 120 days, and the CSAT score for bugs is not on target. It is possible to take action immediately.

The CSAT report shows the CSAT scores for ticket types and score elements. These dummy data show that more attention should be paid to the response time, which is only just on target. For example by increasing the capacity.

Service dashboard

The service report provides management with a clear overview of the underachievers and the overachievers. The MT shares the report daily with all the employees so everyone has insight into their own performance and where improvements are required.

It is possible to run analyses at product level and at channel level. That shows the preferred channel for service questions from clients. In turn that enables the department to set up a structure that matches those preferences.

Actions taken by the SaaS company

The dashboard with the real figures demonstrated that the handling times were too long. Too many employees scored unsufficient on the element client knowledge and communication.

The SaaS company took action immediately by starting a training programme for its staff. That works on client knowledge amongst the employees and on communication skills. In turn that resulted into better solutions for the clients and shorter handling times, and consequently it produced higher CSAT scores.


Power BI Implementation



Project owner:

Rajeev Hemai

Development period:

15 days

Rajeev Hemai

BI Consultant


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