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We Explore

For organisations that don't yet work with Business Intelligence (BI), don't know where to start or what the process would look like, it all starts with exploration.

In this phase our focus is on creating a usable product or a tangible action plan. An organisation should experience the value of its own data as quickly as possible to achieve the required sponsorship and to get all the stakeholders on board.

In the exploration phase there are two options: a Proof Of Concept (POC) or a Maturity Assessment.

1. A POC is for organisations that are uncertain about the value of BI or that would like to experience Power BI as a tool first. With a POC we build a small-scale and operational Power BI dashboard with a data export from your organisation within three weeks.

2. With a Maturity Assessment we produce a complete GAP analysis and develop a roadmap with a business case. You know what it will cost, what it will produce, what you need, and you can get started immediately.

Our premises:

  • You receive a usable end product.
  • You know exactly what the opportunities are for your organisation.
  • We share our best practices from other businesses.
  • Together with you we determine the best result.
  • We prepare the business case for you.
We Produce

We produce customised Business Intelligence (BI) solutions for businesses that want to build a data-driven organisation.


  • One source of truth.
  • Self-Service BI environments.
  • An organisation that uses Power BI.
  • A scalable and agile BI platform.
  • The entire organisation manages on the same KPIs.
  • A high adoption ratio by end users: we call that the WOW! effect.
  • The opportunity to work with machine learning and predictive analytics.

BI Consultancy

We scrutinise your business to arrive at the crux of the issue. That enables us to consider the most suitable and future-proof solution. We take the most important stakeholders along in the development, to ensure our BI solution matches your strategy & vision. Read more >>

Power BI Implementation

We implement Power BI for multinationals and scale-ups. We start by asking where the organisation wants to move to. Then it is important to start small and to add value quickly.

Our BI consultants and BI developers form a team with the business of your organisation, so we get to know the organisation inside out. That's the only way we can truly focus on what the business needs and advise on the ideal set-up of processes and systems.We consider, create enthusiasm, and generate momentum. Read more>>

We Optimise

For organisations that use Business Intelligence (BI) already and want to get more from it, we are here to optimise and continue development. 

We provide a BI team that matches your organisation and business, to produce the best result. In function of the need, this may be a full team or a few specific specialists. There are two options with optimisation:


1. Ops (operations): we make sure that everything under the BI bonnet keeps running and we improve the performance.

  • We maintain the BI solution.
  • We monitor the performance.
  • High uptime: ensure that everything is always available.
  • Quarterly review sessions and reporting on the opportunities for optimisation.

2. Een BI-team As A Service: a specialised team that continuously takes action on the basis of your needs and proactively considers what could be improved.

  • A dedicated contact person who knows your business & and a team that will deliver quickly.
  • Expand your BI solutions if that's required for the strategy.
  • Consulting: quarterly proposals for improvements or new opportunities.
We Train

We train people to get more out of Business Intelligence (BI) and to make organisations even smarter. This happens at two levels:

  • We train the C level in implementing and maximum use of BI. After this practical training, participants see the opportunities of BI for their own organisation and they are able to spar on equal terms with a BI partner.
  • We train in-house BI and Finance teams in the use of Power BI. The focus is on using the organisation's own data and to use this to best effect with Power BI.

All Your BI is the regular training partner of Greyt Nederland (the CFO for businesses in the Netherlands) and its clients.

Onze diensten_training

Specialised in Microsoft Azure stack

We are specialised in Power BI and Microsoft Azure stack. Simply because Power BI is the best choice for 90% of all organisations.

  • Microsoft is the global market leader when it comes to BI.
  • It is accessible for every organisation in terms of type & size.
  • The lowest Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Simple to use and highly intuitive interface.
  • Part of the Microsoft Suite.

Our Way Of Working

Focused on your business

Involved with your business

Our starting point is the strategy and insight needs of your organisation. We explore your business in detail: the most important drivers, stakeholders and processes.

Technology should match and support that, not the other way around. That's how we make sure that the solution actually solves the issue and that it can be used by the people in the organisation.

Add value quickly

The success of Business Intelligence is not just down to the technology, it's about the organisation’s active use of the solution. That requires enthusiasm and a smidge of WOW!.

That's why we work with short iterations, where every iteration produces a piece of the solution. We involve end users and the most important stakeholders. It becomes real and tangible in the organisation and it is possible to tweak at all times. It creates involvement, enthusiasm and a sense of ownership. The end result is a solution that is a seamless fit with the issue, and one that is already in use on delivery.

Pragmatic and Smart

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. We don't look for the best technical solution with bells and whistles; we look for the smartest solution that is the best fit for your organisation.

> No complicated project structures and endless plans: we start quickly and start small, step by step.

> We have a practical approach and think ahead: technical choices have implications for the future.

> We develop in sprints and tweak continuously: that produces a solution that best meets the needs of the organisation.

Future Proof

Business Intelligence is never finished, in the same way your organisation is never finished either. You grow, you transform, you use new systems, people come and go. The foundations of your BI solution should be able to grow and/or move quickly and easily with the developments of your organisation. Everything we build is agile and future-proof. You never have to start again betweentimes.


Our principles

We think and act proactively on the basis of your business strategy
We work together with your business as one team
We deliver in terms of weeks, not months
Pragmatic solutions that meet your needs
State-of-the-art technology without over-engineering

Structural knowledge sharing as a success factor

A client with fully data-driven management and development of his organisation is our cherry on the cake.

We believe that structural knowledge sharing in projects is the success factor. We include management in our approach, the Why and our architecture choices. Operational teams are on board in our technology, the How and What. That way the organisation learns to get the most out of its data.


We guarantee a WOW! Effect

Expect nothing less.

Promises are promises

We do what we say and say what we do. That's how we play it and that’s the common feedback we hear from our clients.

Within the budget and on time

We are strong in scoping projects and meeting deadlines. We always stay within the budget and on time.

First time right

We've done it a 100 times before. For hundreds of different organisations. We know the steps we need to take and in which order. That's how we build our solutions right in one go.

Ewout Ruitenberg
Ewout Ruitenberg
CFO at Hearthside Food Solution

Our cooperation with All Your BI really kick-started our ambition to be a real data-driven organisation.

We had lots of data available in SAP but little information. Snapshots of the organisation, but not a video. Charting trends was difficult and high-frequency reporting simply didn't work at all.

All Your BI has a pragmatic approach and the project really got moving. There was a weekly rhythm to progress discussions. Short lines of communication and questions were answered quickly. That makes for wonderful cooperation.

Alongside SAP, we now have quick and convenient insights into all our data with Power BI. The result is helping to bring about a culture change. Every week we look at and interpret the figures. People are more aware of the value they are creating instead of the numbers of bars. You notice an improvement in the quality of the team discussions. We can also fine-tune our capacity on a weekly basis.

Ultimately the dashboards also had a positive impact on our head office in the States. What they managed in Leerdam is pretty impressive.

Abbas Bukhari
Abbas Bukhari
CFO at APM Terminals Maasvlakte II

“I worked with All Your BI since late 2018 until mid 2020. Michael van Dijk was leading Business Intelligence for APM Terminals Maasvlakte II, a state of the art automated terminal with a staff of 500+ and annual volume of more than 1 million containers.

All Your BI was truly an asset for APM terminals Maasvlakte almost since its inception about 5 years ago. Their knowledge within Business Intelligence is unique. Not only did he put the first Data warehouse solution in a large scale terminal operation, but continuously optimized it over the years which had a direct positive impact on terminal operations. In doing so, aside from demonstrating technical knowledge, they demonstrated excellent cross functional skills which are key to driving integration in any automated facility. Their ability to understand complex problems quickly, break it into small issues, develop a robust action plan and implement it distinguishes him from others in the Business Intelligence field. This combined with managerial ability and soft skills like collaboration, balancing speed and perfection as well as cross cultural skills gives them the edge that any company needs for smooth deployment of innovation.

In simple words, All Your BI is not only is good at innovation, but has the unique ability to connect strategy and technology, which is key for driving operational performance in heavy infrastructure industries. This ability, when combined with effective communication enables them to look at the big picture and act as a technological advisors to the C-level suite of various businesses.”

Thijs Mos
Thijs Mos
Co-owner at IT Synergy

"We've been working with All Your BI since early 2020, and I can highly recommend it.

Our challenge was to obtain all the insight that was required in Power BI. The work they did was excellent.

For now I'd like to thank them and compliment them for the way they entered the fray. All Your BI prioritised what was best for the client. I've had that hands-on experience and it was a really comforting thought."

Christian De Jong
Christian De Jong
Manager Proposition / Formula Strategy & Insights @ Bever

"We were looking for a Plug & Play solution for one day of the week: somebody who understands the data, technology and our business. All Your BI provided that quickly and I have nothing but praise!

There were few introductions and words required to get started. They moved quickly, particularly during the order period. It's a sign of great cooperation when you can get motoring and get on with things. Although we had good experiences with freelancers, you notice that a firm provides more capacity and is able to think ahead more. The experience they gather from similar organisations with similar challenges most certainly does make a difference.

I’m really satisfied with the deliveries, there was full confidence in the reliability of the data analyses and it exceeded initial expectations."

Erwin van Bokhorst
Erwin van Bokhorst
Finance & Control SPAWW

“Our ambition to be more data-driven in the management of our organisation is being achieved together with All Your BI.

On the basis of our data strategy we are working towards a better grip on our own data. We are laying the foundations for predictive use of our data. Since we started last October, we have moved along at great pace and I can recommend All Your BI wholeheartedly.

Their focus on the question what we really want to see and why, is refreshing. They are able to get the business needs in sharp focus and quickly arrive at the crux of every issue. We started working with our first dashboards within two months.

We now have real-time insight, to the minutest detail. We are able to identify opportunities to improve our processes immediately. I'd call it action-led insight. Along the way you discover new possibilities and we are already building on the next step.

I would describe the cooperation as short lines, extremely fast response times, brief and to the point, with clear agreements. That was the reason we went for All Your BI. They came up with an extremely pragmatic solution in order to produce results quickly. That's exactly what they do and it works."

Wilfred de Wit
Wilfred de Wit
CEO at iBuy Flowers

“We are really pleased with the cooperation with All Your BI, the speed of delivery in particular is awesome. In just a few days they achieved a complete migration from Excel reports to Power BI. I highly recommended them.

It's like when you start painting a wall in your house, before you know it you're changing all your furniture. By now we have become a completely data-driven organisation.

To be honest, with hindsight, I'd never do it any other way again. Never! To start with we simply had no insight at all. That means you can't direct and you can make the wrong choices. Now I can see exactly why some clients are getting muddled up and I can take action. Otherwise you may end up acquiring new clients without retaining them. Better still, I can carry out really targeted searches within our client base and see which of those are our ideal clients. That's what I spend time on. It's about managing your business in a targeted way.

We have become much more competitive. For example, I have geographical data that tell me my exact position in relation to my clients compared to my competitors. I can now adjust my proposition accordingly and that's a smart way of working.

Insight isn't only valuable in itself, it's the realisation that you are missing a lot of data and insights. That's our next step. Cleaning data and adding data. Simply because we know that otherwise we’ll be missing out on a lot of clients.

If you want to make something big and scalable, you need to manage on data. It can't be done any other way.”

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