Aleksandra Kulagina
Community Manager

Fall Conference 2023: ‘Lead Positive Change’ in the Heart of Bruges

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The whole company gathered for our Fall Conference. To strengthen bonds, introduce new ideas, and share the most important business updates. For the second time, we held the conference abroad, to Brugge, a picturesque medieval city located in northwest Belgium. These were the highlights

Aleksandra Sparks Energy with Interactive Games and 2-Minute Connection Moments

Aleksandra energized the fall conference with fun games, including a name game, setting expectations, and a 2-minute speed dating. Questions asked were “Would you invite this colleague?” and “What’s your idea of a perfect lazy Sunday?”

Business updates, trends & prioritize company goals

We highlighted new collaborations and significant financial achievements and then broke into teams to brainstorm ideas on prioritizing our company’s goals and improving overall performance. We also brought focus to the most important trends that are influencing All Your BI.

Our new driving force: “Lead Postitive Change”

We achieved a significant milestone this year by revisiting our company’s purpose and involving everyone’s input in the process. After the intense collaboration, we have formulated our new driving force: “Lead Positive Change”. As a bonus, we have a lengthy list of initiatives that detail how we plan to achieve our purpose.

New AYBI Merchandise as way of recognition

During the last presentation of the day, Jelle introduced new AYBI merchandise, including sweatshirts and patches. The patches can be added to the sweatshirts to create lasting memories, acknowledge people for embodying our company’s values, or simply for fun.

Comedy gold with our “Correspondence Diner”

In the evening, we had a great time enjoying delicious Belgian food and drinks while listening to Allard’s hilarious speech which became a well-known tradition. Tip: Delete your ChatGPT history!

Hotspot Hunting

After getting a good night’s rest, we began the second day in Bruges with high spirits and enthusiasm to explore the city’s hotspots. Conquering the rain our fun challenges included dancing a traditional Belgian dance, indulging in a delicious Belgian waffle, and taking pictures in front of famous statues.

Credits to Ronald Pfizer for the beautiful pictures.

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Aleksandra Kulagina

Community Manager