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Meet our new data heroes: Charlotte, Eva, Corjan Sarah, Olivier

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Charlotte Weever

Charlotte has a background in management consulting and has seen firsthand how underutilized business intelligence and data are. This led her to focus on informed decision-making, strategic planning, and innovation, ultimately driving organizational success and growth.

Since joining All Your BI, Charlotte has been diving headfirst into supporting our maritime industry and learning about new processes and technologies.

When she’s not working, she enjoys painting, giving our logo a new artistic dimension. Additionally, she likes attending festivals, playing the piano, hiking and has recently started boxing.

Eva Winkel

As a data analyst, Eva will focus on analyzing data to identify patterns and insights, enabling our clients to turn their data into business value.

Eva holds a bachelor’s degree in Technology Policy and Management and previously worked in the health finance industry, where she discovered her passion for data analysis.

Eva is also an avid baker. She enjoys baking cookies, pies, and various other delicious pastries in her free time. Her friends even call her “The Baker”! When she’s not baking, Eva enjoys spending time at the stables, where she cares for and occasionally competes with the horses in dressage and carousel competitions.

Corjan van Uffelen

Corjan has extensive data domain experience, previously working as a building physics consultant. He’s held various technical roles: product owner, scrum master, data engineer, and data architect, with most experience in the maritime sector.

As a senior BI developer at All Your BI, Corjan is eager to use his data architect skills to contribute to our projects in the maritime and logistics industries.

When not working, he enjoys family time, watching movies, outdoor runs, and working on various projects. He even recently built his garage from scratch!

Sarah Nijssen

Sara travelled all the way from the United States, where she grew up with her Dutch parents, to work for All Your BI as a BI developer in pursuit of “the Dutch dream”.

She recently completed her Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems and is now fresh out of college, eager to join the workforce.

This New Jersey-born American has a passion for biking, cooking, gardening, and playing video games, and she loves to spend time with her family.

She has a contagious enthusiasm that brings great energy to the team.

Olivier Aubert

Olivier transformed companies into a data-driven culture, worked on proofs of concept related to business intelligence, acted as a product owner for all data-related projects, and formed a data team within the organization he worked for.

With extensive knowledge of the manufacturing industry, Olivier is excited to fulfill the BI consultant role after spending most of his career owning data initiatives at a packaging solutions company.

The born Spaniard is a true sports fanatic, finding his passion in kitesurfing, which he competed in during his teenage years. He enjoys multidisciplinary sports, which led him to focus on competing in triathlons. He even completed a couple of Half-Iron Man competitions!

Olivier brings great energy to the table in his work and during our weekly workouts.

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Aleksandra Kulagina

Community Manager