Enabling Maritime Intelligence


Oudkerk is a company that has been providing services to the offshore industry since 1960, including exploration, oil/gas production, and sustainable energy. They strive to meet high standards and be a partner of choice by continuously improving their performance to meet industry demands.

Main accomplishments

  1. Complete performance overview in Power BI of their core-business KPI’s through a BI platform, acting as one source of the truth. Enabling all layers of the organization to generate reports for data-driven decision making. 
  2. Improvement of their cash conversion cycle and investment capabilities by providing insights in their cashflow and payment terms and by involving all stakeholders to act quickly on these financial insights 
  3. Data quality improvement: we’ve signifcaly improved their data quality by training all stakeholders in the use of their systems and showcasing the impact on reporting and lost business opportunities. 
  4. Quarterly innovation sessions to align Oudkerks strategy and tactics on market and industry trends. 

BI Partnership

As Oudkerk’s BI partner, we provide the necessary people, tools, and culture to accelerate their business in 2024. Our close collaboration with Oudkerk’s business teams provides valuable insights for actionable intelligence.

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Ruben Monster

Co-founder & BI Consultant
06 42 6776 42