A New Data Platform for Advanced Inventory Management and Purchasing Strategies



Havep plays a crucial role in providing workwear and protective clothing to safeguard the workforce. Their high-quality, durable gear is essential for industries facing daily hazards, ensuring workers are protected, comfortable, and professional.

Main Accomplishments

Easier maintenance of the data platform

Our team developed a new platform that makes it easier for the organization to access and manage their data, while also improving data governance. Additionally, the new platform has reduced platform licensing costs by 60%.

Reducing risks with improved inventory management

By integrating advanced stock analysis tools, we improved inventory management and purchasing strategies, reducing risks and supporting business continuity.

Streamlining production processes with automation

We enhanced automation and streamlined production processes, including the automation of job tickets for manufacturing tasks. This optimization detailed specifications like product types, logo placement, and color requirements, making production more efficient.

Providing detailed information for customs reporting

Moreover, we have enabled Havep to provide detailed information regarding the origin of all fabrics used, promoting compliance and transparency. This information was crucial to declare to customs the source of these fabrics.

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Ruben Monster

Co-founder & BI Consultant
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