Managing the entire SaaS portfolio’s ARR, Churn, and Revenue Movements

Blinqx is a software solutions provider that helps service professionals to grow and succeed. Their advanced software digitizes and optimizes processes for over 100,000 users across different sectors, such as mortgage and insurance advisors, financial service providers, accountancy, legal professions, governments, and service organizations.

Main Accomplishments

Enabling data-driven decision making

We offered a Full Stack BI Development Team to offer a complete solution to BlinqX’s business’s data needs. Making sure that their BI System seamlessly functions and enable data-drive decision-making.

Effective ARR performance monitoring

The ARR data from diverse sources were consolidated into a unified view, enabling effective monitoring of performance metrics, churn rates, and revenue movements.

Readily available insights

We implemented a standardized and automated process for data management, minimizing errors and providing readily available actionable insights.

BI Partner

As BlinqX’s BI partner, we will continue to assist them in achieving sustainable growth by addressing all their data-related challenges.

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Ruben Monster

Co-founder & BI Consultant
+31 6 42677642