Leveraging Data to Improve Contribution Management and Benefit Distribution

SPAWW significantly contributes to the financial stability of nearly 2.3 million workers and over 63,000 employers in the Netherlands by providing essential supplemental income benefits. This non-profit foundation provides continuous support for individuals transitioning from statutory unemployment benefits or those unable to work, ensuring their economic well-being.

Main Accomplishments

Ensuring fair contributions and efficient support allocation
We helped SPAWW gain insights into its operations, allowing for more effective management of contributions and disbursements. Now, SPAWW can ensure fair contributions based on employer size and efficiently support beneficiaries.

Enhancing SPAWW’s oversight of financial operations
We’ve enhanced SPAWW’s ability to oversee the external party responsible for the execution of its financial operations. The new data platform provides insights into all aspects of financial operations down to the transaction level. This oversight is critical for maintaining its operations’ transparency, accountability, and effectiveness.

Ensuring awareness of eligibility and participation process for the scheme
We conducted sentiment analysis and engagement metrics for SPAWW to understand its market perception better. This insight helped SPAWW refine its communication strategies, ensuring people know about eligibility and how to participate in the scheme.

BI Partner

As SPAWW’s BI Partner, we aim to strengthen SPAWW’s impact in the landscape of employment benefits, ensuring that their vital services continue to support individuals during transitional periods with efficiency and compassion

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Ruben Monster

Co-founder & BI Consultant
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