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Adding business-driven value with Power BI dashboards

Start small. Delivering value quickly.

As Power BI consultants our focus is on your business. This starts with listening. Once we understand the issue, we often start with a proof of concept. If successful, we proceed to build, validate, and deliver solutions step by step at a rapid pace


We prefer to start our Power BI consulting projects small. This allows us to deliver value quickly, build support within the organization and get to know the organization.


AYB - Locatiefoto's

Our Power BI consultants realize


  • Complete Power BI implementations from A to Z
  • Migrations of current BI tools (Qlik, SAP, etc) to Azure and Power BI
  • One source of truth for the entire organization
  • All reports automated and refreshed daily
  • Optimization of the technical setup behind Power BI (Data Warehouse / Data lake)
  • Inhouse Power BI training to BI teams

For clients such as

Terminal Investment Limited-group

First result in
3 weeks

We believe in delivering results quickly by starting small. Only when you see it does data come alive.

View your own data in Power BI within 3 weeks


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Choosing the right Power BI consultants

How do you find the right Power BI consulting provider in a jungle of Power BI providers? We recommend selecting based on the 8 criteria below.


A good Power BI consulting club acts proactively, thinking with you from day 1 and immersing itself thoroughly in your business. Their primary focus is on identifying the best business solution. Choose a party that does not want to start out too big and which can deliver results quickly.

Ask for references from other customers

The team

Most Power BI projects require a wide range of skills, often much more than just using Power BI itself. You don't want a lot of tinkering with Power BI due to a lack of good data warehouse expertise.

Choose a provider with a full data team


Stack experience

Do they have the right experience with your systems? Consider cloud systems, databases, and applications. A provider that is familiar with your systems can offer better advice, understands the possibilities and pitfalls, and thus can generate more momentum for the project.

Ask for this explicitly

No dependencies

A good Power BI consulting team will ensure that you don't become dependent on them, both in the solutions provided and in their approach to work. They maintain 100% transparency in what they develop and the technical choices they make, provide comprehensive documentation, and facilitate extensive knowledge transfer throughout the project.

Ask for references from other customers to verify this



Do they understand your business? Who have they worked for before? Have they completed similar projects of a similar scope before? What role did they fulfill— a one-time service provider or a (strategic) BI partner?

Experience makes or breaks a Power BI project


Speed of delivery

Do they quickly and continuously deliver value to the business? We consider this an important KPI in the selection process. The only way to find out is to ask for references. Our definition of 'fast' is in terms of weeks, not months.

Ask for references from other customers


Pay close attention to whether they focus solely on the task at hand or also consider the task in a future perspective. In other words, is development being conducted with an end vision in mind? Do they dare to ask critical questions and challenge existing ideas?


Cheap = Expensive

Don't fixate on hourly rates. A market-based rate typically ranges from €100 to €180 per hour, depending on the role and specialty. Beware of price gouging and significant differences in hourly budgets. A poorly conceived foundation and/or having to start over are the most costly mistakes.


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