Ewout Ruitenberg

CFO - Hearthside Food Solution

Hearthside Food Solution

“Since our collaboration with All Your BI, we have made a great kickstart with our desire to really work data-driven as an organization.

We had a lot of data at our disposal within SAP but little information. Pictures of the organisation instead of a movie. Charting trends was difficult and high-frequency reporting was simply not possible.

All Your BI has a pragmatic approach and there was a lot of momentum in the project. We discussed progress in a weekly rhythm. With short lines of communication and quick answers to questions. That is a very pleasant cooperation.

In addition to SAP, we now have quick and easy insight into all our data with Power BI. The result helps to bring about a culture change. We look at the figures every week and we do something with them. People become more aware of the value they are creating rather than the number of bars. You notice that the quality of discussions in the team have improved. Now we can also very sharply adjust our capacity on a weekly basis.

Finally, the dashboards have also stirred things up at our head office in America.”