Wilfred de Wit

CEO - iBuyFlowers


“We are very satisfied with the cooperation with All Your BI, especially the speed of delivery is great. Within a few days, they took care of the complete switch from Excel reports to Power BI. I can therefore highly recommend them.

It’s just like painting a wall at home, you suddenly find yourself renovating the whole house. Similarly, we have now become a fully data-driven organisation.

And honestly, in retrospect, I would never do it any other way either. Never again. At first, we just didn’t have any insight. Then you can’t steer and sometimes make the wrong choices. Now I can see exactly why some customers churn and take action on that. Otherwise you’re acquiring new customers but keeping the back door open. Or even better I can do very specific searches on our customer base and see who our ideal customers are. That is where I will then spend my time. It’s about being able to drive the business in a very targeted way.

We have also become much more competitive. For example, I know exactly what my position is with customers compared to my competitors, based on geographical data. I can now smartly adjust my proposition accordingly.

It is also not only all that insight that is valuable, but also the realisation that you are missing a whole lot of data and insights. That is also where our next step lies. Cleaning up and supplementing data. Simply because we know we are missing out on a lot of customers otherwise.

If you want to make something big and scalable, you have to make it data-driven. There is simply no other way.”