About. Us.

Call us a ‘Data club’, ‘Business Intelligence firm’, or a bunch of creative data nerds. We’re all of the above. There is nothing we love more than solving complex data puzzles and the "WOW!' effect of spot-on analyzes. That twinkle in the eyes of users when they gain new insights and discover opportunities.

We own this.

One team of 25+ data professionals

Michael van Dijk
Co-founder & BI consultant
Martijn Wassink
Co-founder & CEO
Jesse Honselaar
BI Consultant
Ruben Monster
Co-founder & BI Consultant
Rajeev Hemai
BI Consultant
Jurjen Nouhet
Lead Marketeer

The way we work.

Effective solutions don’t start with technology. They start with listening. We first discover what you're up against, and then we determine how to help you move forward.


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