BI Capability Assessment.

Your roadmap to a high-performance BI function that accelerates your strategy.

Transform BI into a strategy accelerator.

Most leadership teams struggle with unclear ROI on BI initiatives, technical limitations, bad quality of data, or a wild growth of dashboards and data sets.


With our BI Capability Assessment you:


  • Know exactly what is needed to realize your BI ambitions.
  • Have a clear roadmap for 2024 on how to get there.
  • Know what to budget for 2024 based on clear deliverables.

Deliverables within six weeks:

  • Evaluation of your organization's current state of BI capabilities and – readiness;
  • Assessment of the project's chances of success;
  • Advise about what your desired next state can be, based on market & industry trends;
  • Ready-to-use roadmap with clear Objectives, Key Results, and measurable initiatives;
  • Identification of the necessary steps to reach the next BI-state;
  • Estimation of the necessary resources and the ROI on the implementation.

Starting with your current BI capability.

We evaluate the 6 most important aspects of your BI function.


Recommendations based on Industry trends.

By integrating emerging industry trends into our analysis, we deliver more insightful recommendations.


This holistic approach ensures a broader perspective, fostering informed, strategic decision-making for enhanced business outcomes.


A roadmap based on clear objectives & key results.

Our deliverables are pragmatic and to the point. Do not expect long and elaborate plans. We use the Objectives-and-Key-Results methodology resulting in a planning with high-value initiatives.

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Approach & Timeline.

The assessment will take place over a timeframe of 3 to 6 weeks depending on your preferred pace.

Let’s talk and see how we can help your business.

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