Allard Hesselink
BI Consultant

Client story: Ad Evers DGA from Fyzzio


Building the Future of Physiotherapy
For more than 20 years, I have been building a future for physical therapists through consulting and education, and by providing durable products that make physiotherapy more effective. For example, we introduced shockwave therapy to physiotherapists and promoted the use of ultrasound by establishing the National Ultrasound Training Center.

Turning data into insights
To keep innovating it became increasingly important to use data. The feeling of sitting on a mountain of data that wasn't being used enough was growing. Last year, we started looking for a party that knows exactly how to turn data into actionable insights in Power BI. After talking with Ruben Monster, All Your BI seemed like the right choice. He quickly got to the heart of the issue and was able to advise me well on the options.

All KPIs in one overview every day
I can now see what the organization does daily without effort. I now grab my phone every morning, and in one glance I immediately know what is going on within the sales team, service team, and how we are doing financially. This saves me a lot of time and makes it easier to direct the various teams to the highest priorities. Moreover, we started forecasting to predict how we will be doing in the coming months.

Flexible development
The cooperation with All Your BI has been top-notch. I appreciate the clarity we have by working with Scrum and the short iterations of 3 weeks with weekly contact. I can see the progress and can make quick adjustments when needed. Moreover, the project is not fixed beforehand, but we work together toward the best result, and All Your BI can move very flexibly with changes.

Next steps
Now I want to take the next step with All Your BI by bringing the entire organization into working data-driven, so we can respond faster to our market and serve our clients even better.