Implementing Power BI

Give your people the insight they need

Data-Driven Success

You have chosen Power BI. Now, the next step is to give your organization quick access to its data and deliver value to the business, which marks the beginning of a data-driven culture.


As a Data Club, we specialize in the Microsoft Stack. With our extensive experience working with startups and multinationals, we know exactly where to start with your Power BI implementation. We take the time to understand your business and develop a pragmatic roadmap for the Power BI implementation.


We always begin with small projects and work in an Agile methodology, in short iterations towards the result. This approach ensures short feedback loops, maximum knowledge transfer, and a result that precisely meets the needs of your business.


Results of a Power BI implementation

We focus on results when implementing Power BI. We involve your team to learn how to use, optimize, and customize Power BI for maximum business value from your dashboards.

  • Visible results within a few weeks
  • Your employees can manage their own Power BI environment
  • The high adoption rate of business users due to their active involvement in the Power BI implementation. Management will have a clear vision of data for the medium to long-term
  • Management has a clear vision of data for the medium to long-term
  • One source of truth for the entire organization
  • All reports are automated and refreshed daily
  • Sound data quality: team meetings from now on are about actions based on data, not the inaccuracy of the figure
  • A scalable technical foundation for the future

Our Clients

Terminal Investment Limited-group

Examples of our Power BI Dashboards

Developed for customers. Anonymized and figures changed.

Roadmap for a successful Power BI implementation

With the Power BI implementation, we run through five steps. This approach is successful in every organization, regardless of industry or size. The Power BI implementation steps are not linear, but iterative: Your Power BI implementation is a continuous process where each step delivers business value.


Success Factors of Power BI Implementation

Rhythm within the MT

One of the key success factors is establishing a tight reporting rhythm in the MT. By pulling out the Power BI dashboards every week and looking at the same numbers in Power BI. This is how you spot trends, come up with new questions and set an example for the organization.

Scrum methodology

By working iteratively using the scrum methodology, you develop value every sprint. Feedback loops are smaller, users are engaged, resulting in Power BI dashboards better aligning with business questions.

Involve key stakeholders

Involve key stakeholders right from the start of the Power BI implementation. This ensures minimal frictions when setting up processes. More importantly, it ensures engagement in the Power BI project and ownership of the end result.

Don't stumble on data quality

The right order is: first start implementing Power BI and then improve data quality. This is an ongoing improvement process. In our experience, implementing Power BI actually speeds up this process. Conversely, it constitutes a blocker.

Document it well!

Proper Power BI documentation saves a lot of time and money in the long run. You avoid single-points-of-failure, remain independent of your BI vendors, and new people can quickly onboard on projects.

Developmemt team is of critical

You never want to work with a development team that gets to work on a Power BI implementation without asking questions. Critical developers want to know exactly how the business works and why behind the Power BI project.

Insight leads to new questions

Almost always, the (new) Power BI dashboards lead to new questions. Therefore, remain in contact with users during and after Power BI deployment for important optimization successes of Power BI dashboards.

The Product Owner

Every Power BI implementation and Power BI project stands or falls with a good product owner. Someone who understands the business as well as the technology. A good product owner leads the Power BI implementation and coordinates between the business and the development team.

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