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Meet our new data heroes: Alexandru & Alexandru


Did you know that 6,67% of people at All Your BI are named Alexandru? Let us introduce them!

Alexandru Istode

In the summer of 2022 Alex joined our team of developers strenghtening our core data skills. He always had a passion for data since his starting role in the reporting area 8 years ago. He is a quick learner making him highly adaptable to any kind of situation.

In his spare time he tries to find the perfect balance between electronic and real life sports. He is quite competitive, but also loves playing cooperative games with his friends, so if you are looking for a partner try reaching out. Apart from games Alex also enjoys holidays in warm destinations and their exotic cuisine. Other hobbies include cooking, bodybuilding, boxing and exploring the beautifull country of Netherlands by bike.

Alexandru Dimofte

About a year ago, Alexandru joined All Your BI as a data scientist, bringing with him a background in Artificial Intelligence and lots of enthusiasm for AI research and problem solving. In a self-described “typical Alex fashion”, he applied by accident for a data engineering role, but during his interview, he proposed joining the company as a data scientist instead. We decided to go with the flow and hired him.

Fast forward to today, he is helping us develop the data science sphere at the company, while building high performing machine learning models for some of our clients, and occasionally sharing cool research he finds.

In the wild, you may find him taking swimming classes, playing ultimate frisbee or abusing GPUs by training generative models.