Erwin van Bokhorst

Finance & Control - SPAWW


“We are realising our ambition to manage the organisation more data-driven together with All Your BI.

From our data strategy, we are working towards a better grip on our own data. With this, we are laying a foundation to be able to handle our data in a predictive way step by step. Since its launch last October, we have made great strides at a rapid pace and I can highly recommend All Your BI.

It is refreshing that they put a strong focus on what we really want to see and why. They know how to get the business question razor-sharp and get to the heart of every issue quickly. Within two months, we were able to start using our first dashboards.

The insight we now have is real-time, down to the deepest level of detail. We immediately see opportunities to improve our processes. Action-oriented insight I would call it. Gradually, you discover new opportunities and we are already expanding to the next step.

I would describe the cooperation as short lines, very quick response time, short and sweet with clear agreements. For us, this was also the reason we chose All Your BI. They came up with a very pragmatic solution to achieve results quickly. That’s exactly what they do and it works.”