Michael van Dijk
Co-founder & BI consultant

All Your BI Is Speaking At The PPA Event!


All Your BI & APM Terminals MV II

On Tuesday, January 28, 2020, Michael will be speaking at the PPA (Manufacturing Process Automation) Event! He gives a lecture on one of his top projects: applying BI to the fully automated container terminal APM Terminals Maasvlakte II. Curious about his approach? Then sign up to attend the event for free at the bottom of this page.

A tip of the hat in advance….

What is All Your BI doing for APM Terminals MV II? As reported on FHI.nl:

“In today’s ‘information age,’ data is seen as the new oil.” So begins this article on FHI where Michael highlights All Your BI’s approach. As Michael describes, “A lot of companies have numerous different systems running, both in the cloud and locally. Plenty of information about how companies are performing is locked in there. Think customer conversations, financial data, and operational data. We as All Your BI can unlock all that data to a central place and provide management information and control data from there, and analyze that.”

Michael goes on to explain in the article how he applies this principle at APM: “We apply that concept at APM Terminals, among others. They have a fully automated terminal. Unloading a container from a ship hardly involves a human being. A lot of data is generated during that process. Think of the PLC control but also the terminal operating system, the core system through which all orders are sent. And there are numerous interface systems in between, just like cameras with OCR to determine whether the right container has been picked up. All those systems we have unlocked for APM in a data warehouse environment.”

Curious about FHI’s entire article? You can read it here.

To attend is to experience!

You can register for the event for free here. Use Michael’s code when you register: PPA44987.

Tuesday, January 28th, from 09:00 at 1931 Congrescentrum in Den Bosch.