A warm welcome to our BI Consultants: Beyhan & Joeri

A warm welcome to our BI Consultants: Beyhan & Joeri


The perfect balance of speed and structure? Say no more!
We are excited to introduce Beyhan and Joeri.

Left Beyhan. Right Joeri

Beyhan Abaci

After a career of managing different teams within an operational environment for many years, Beyhan wanted to pursue a career in Business Intelligence. In 2021 after having worked with Power BI and operational data, Beyhan made the career switch to become a Reporting & Data Analyst. What he enjoys the most is creating insights for customers by building awesome and meaningful dashboards to help them move forward with their business. 
All of this gives Beyhan the same energy and kick as watching the MotoGP or the Formula 1 with his children! To clear his mind and appease his need for speed, Beyhan also loves to spend his time riding his motorcycle with friends. 

Joeri Boodt

Joeri joined All Your BI in October 2022 as a consultant and product owner. He gets his energy from finding ways to make complex things tangible and understandable. Not just the end-product need to be this way, but also the process towards getting there. This is a perfect fit with a BI-Consultant because it’s often not always clear what you’re working towards. “I very much like this journey, where we go from a lot of unstructured data to beautiful insights with a clear story to tell!” 

Joeri’s picture best describes what he likes doing most in his free time. This often comes down to simply walking somewhere with his dogs and a camera. 80% of the pictures Joeri takes are of his dogs in pretty surroundings – if they’re not over-enthusiastically trying to explore the place of course! The other 20% of the pictures are born from a love for cinema, to capture stories where one scene or