Get to know our newest BI Developers: Daner & Kasper

Get to know our newest BI Developers: Daner & Kasper


As All Your BI works on more projects, we have been looking for new members to strengthen our team. And we have found them, meet Daner and Kasper!

Daner Ferhadi

Since August, Daner has joined the BI developer team. After several years of data analytics, he is excited for this new challenge where he will bridge the gap between data warehousing, business intelligence, and data science. His background is in applied and pure mathematics and so he not only loves real-world problem-solving but also developing theoretical frameworks for statistical and mathematical modelling. Over time, Daner wants to refine his skills in data modelling and predictive analytics to solve challenging business problems. He firmly believes that BI and data analytics in general serves to add value to an organization, and so he strives to maintain implementation fidelity by focusing on measurable outcomes to evaluate BI solutions and sustain accountability. Daner likes to stay active and enjoys hobbies ranging from hiking to 3D mechanical modelling! 

Kasper Karelse

Kasper joined the All your BI team back in august 2022 as a BI developer, moving from his previous role at Rabobank. Kasper’s experience lies in web development and has decided to pivot more towards BI. During his time at Radboud University Kasper studied Artificial Intelligence, where his interest in programming was sparked. Before that he would build video games for pc, “I will never forget the time I woke up and saw over a hundred people online at the same time, playing the game I had made, I still consider that to be one of the best moments of my life.” 
Within All Your BI, Kasper hopes to build some brand new applications, where he can make his web development background shine. Next to all the technical stuff Kasper also enjoys powerlifting and will compete in his first competition in 2023!