Meet our new Club house members: Paulien & Michelle

Meet our new Club house members: Paulien & Michelle


Not only is our team growing, in fact, it is also blossoming as new team members join. Meet our plant ladies 😉

Left Paulien. Right Michelle

Paulien Westerhof

Paulien joined the team to streamline all things Financial. She likes it when things run smoothly and efficiently. And after only a few months this has already awarded her the nickname: Queen of Cash. 

Apart from her three children (already grown up) and a grandson, she loves all things Home & Garden. With gardening especially, she loves the whole process of planning, building, choosing plants, planting and pruning. She finds it a great way to relax after the day job. From the years she spent living in England with her family also stems a long-term passion for the gardens there and she goes there regularly to visit her favourite ones. 

It’s easy to see the parallel between Finance and Gardening: both need a long-term vision, proper planning, structure, attention to detail, a rolled-up-sleeves mentality and regular feeds and liquids to flourish. 

Michelle Righolt

In August 2022 Michelle started at All your BI as a Community Manager. Growing up on a volcano, Michelle has always had a close connection to nature and embraces the diverse ecosystems that maintain our planet. She believes that communities strengthen individuals and a lot can be achieved when working together. Before being a Community Manager, Michelle was writing about 3D printers and also working on voice-overs. 

The All Your BI space is the ideal environment for creativity, and she looks forward to writing content while arranging fun and informative activities for the team. When Michelle is not in the office, she is either tending to her many houseplants or jamming away on the guitar. Seeing brand new leaves on a plant is one of the best forms of feedback; that with your care, there is new growth!