Transforming Data into Strategic Insight


Woonstad, with over a century of experience, provides sustainable homes and commercial spaces for over 100,000 Rotterdam residents. We onboarded their journey as their BI Partner to enable them to leverage their extensive data into strategic insights.

Main accomplishments

  1. BI Team: we successfully established, scaled, and professionalized Woonstad’s Business Intelligence team, ensuring business continuity during critical periods, and driving strategic alignment across the organization.
  2. KPI & key initiatives overview: with their new BI team the business developed a total overview of all 40 KPIs and 20 key initiatives. This enabled them to act on the highest priorities daily.
  3. Improved policy decision-making: The portfolio management dashboard provided clear insights into heating network distances and energy scores for complexes and units, enabling informed policy decisions.

BI Partnership

As their BI Partner, we continue to deliver the people, tools, technology, and culture to accelerate their business in 2024. By working in close collaboration with the business teams of Woonstad, we can gain valuable insights that result in actionable intelligence.

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Ruben Monster

Co-founder & BI Consultant
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