Grip new acquisition with insight into ARR and key SaaS KPIs




  • Deep insights via Power BI into key KPIs in three months: ARR, MRR, inflow and outflow movements
  • Insight into the impact of price index actions on the ARR
  • Being able to accurately forecast sales through insights into inflow and outflow movements
Rajeev Hemai - All Your BI (left), Sander Berg - Exact (right),


About Exact

Exact helps businesses grow future-proof with cloud software. Since 1984, hundreds of thousands of SMBs have relied on them for insight into their numbers. In addition to developing software, they also acquire innovative parties, as in this case from Software Convenience

Insight into the ARR, MRR, in- and outflow movements of new acquisition

Immediately after the acquisition, Sander Berg, business controller at Exact, takes the lead in the project. In doing so, he quickly ran into a challenge: gaining weekly insight into key KPIs: ARR, MRR, inflow, and outflow movements.

Together we work on unlocking the data, building the data model, defining the definitions, and developing Power BI dashboards. Within just three months, the business can take action on the new insights and get to work data-driven.

Sander Berg - Exact (left), Rajeev Hemai - All Your BI (right)

Creative solutions when all data is inaccessible

An IT migration is taking place at one part of Exact, resulting in some data links no longer working. Suddenly the data is no longer accessible.

We will quickly contact the IT department to assist in a solution. In the meantime, our data engineers find a clever workaround. A little jury-rigged, but the data is available again.

After several months, a lasting solution was found, the data is accessible again and we can put our focus back on developing new reports.

Accurate revenue planning & clear ARR analyses

Each sprint, we work with Sander on new insights to support the business. With Sander bringing new issues to us after every MT meeting.

In just a few months, we have achieved three great results:

1. Exact's team has insights on all inflow and outflow movements at the customer and product levels that allow them to make tactical choices.

2. The impact of price indexations has become transparent thanks to the new data model that enables Exact to better market its products.

3. Exact can very purposefully enrich its data to enable new insights and further optimize its processes.

Amazing what emerges when the business and the BI team work closely together! We call that Collaborative BI.

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