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Client Q&A

“We are very satisfied with the cooperation with All Your BI, especially the speed of delivery is great. Within a few days, they took care of the complete switch from Excel reports to Power BI. I can therefore highly recommend them. It’s.. ”

Wilfred de Wit

CEO - iBuyFlowers
“We are realising our ambition to manage the organisation more data-driven together with All Your BI. From our data strategy, we are working towards a better grip on our own data. With this, we are laying a foundation to be able to.. ”

Erwin van Bokhorst

Finance & Control - SPAWW
“We were looking for a Plug & Play solution for one day a week: someone who understands data, the technology and also our business. All Your BI delivered that quickly and I can highly recommend! Actually, few introductions and words were needed.. ”

Christian De Jong

Manager Proposition / Formula Strategy & Insights - Bever
“We have been working with All Your BI since early 2020 and I highly recommend them. We had a challenge with Power BI to get all the insight we needed. The work they have done is outstanding. For now, I want to.. ”

Thijs Mos

Co-owner - IT Synergy
“I worked with All Your BI since late 2018 until mid 2020. Michael van Dijk was leading Business Intelligence for APM Terminals Maasvlakte II, a state of the art automated terminal with a staff of 500+ and annual volume of more than.. ”

Abbas Bukhari

CFO - APM Terminals Maasvlakte II
“Since our collaboration with All Your BI, we have made a great kickstart with our desire to really work data-driven as an organization. We had a lot of data at our disposal within SAP but little information. Pictures of the organisation instead.. ”

Ewout Ruitenberg

CFO - Hearthside Food Solution